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Naturally Attached!

These are our children, let's take responsibility for them!


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"Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives" Rudolf Steiner  

Home schooling

Update soon! 7/17/01

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Our Journey:

What is Waldorf Education? (An Introduction)

Our school journey has begun. I am consumed with learning as much as possible in regards to Rudolf Steiner (founder of waldorf education movement) and waldorf education

We have chosen to Waldorf home school our children because this method of schooling closely resembles our lives as we have been living thus far. The nurturing, the gentleness, respecting our children's developmental issues. Allowing our children to experience their childhoods in its entirety, not pushing academically until it is truly time. Waldorf supports age appropriate curriculum and learning. Waldorf supports a curriculum that is based on the children's developmental stages and thus respects the child. It is a also a very "balanced" education, not one just of the mind. 

In "waldorf" I have discovered a way to not only benefit my children academically, but spiritually as well. Feeding the "whole self". Head, Heart and Hands. 

Children learn through imitation, example and play. Things children love! Children are equal partners in terms of their education and strive because they are interested in what is going on, it becomes their own. Waldorf awakens a sense of a life long love of learning. Lessons are derived from the arts and the curriculum is made to "come alive" to the child, awakening the love of true learning.

Waldorf Schooling is much more than developing the intellectual being, Children walk away from this type of education with meaning, self-discipline, a purpose in life. A truly nurtured self. 

Our Waldorf Home consists of the following:

Subtle colors surrounding the children

Simple natural wood toys to play with placed in baskets or low shelves

Silks and cloth

Fairy tales full of life's lessons, values and moral circumstances. Living Books

Fostering their imagination

Nature table filled with different objects, dolls and seasons treasures as the new season approaches (children construct and contribute to table)

Art supplies (watercolors, beeswax crayons, block crayons, felt, handwork supplies)

Imitation/Imagination corner: broom, dustpan, silks to construct playhouses, natural dolls (simple faces), kitchen

Rhythm (most important): verses upon waking in the morning, throughout the day, and before bedtime. This also is wonderful in terms of disciplining the child. Children that experience rhythm in their daily lives are much easier to disciple, they are often times better behaved children. The look forward to the peacefulness of the days and understand what will be expected next.


We have wash days, window cleaning days, certain handwork days, Homemade pizza nights, free day, Outside the home work days, etc.