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We don't do the "chemical thing". Meaning we try and steer clear of all things that may damage us that our within our reach. I'm a believer that our world is a toxic dump station, I'm also a believer that this IS effecting us and our children. 

When we first became pregnant with our first I had met someone who had been doing the natural thing for quite sometime. I have to admit I didn't even know what organic food was at that time! Well, lots of reading and researching later, I am at this natural place in my life. Now we are well past this and some! 

Our home is as natural as possible. From the food we eat to the cleaning products we use. Our home is our sanctuary and although I can't control the air we breathe, I can control the chemicals in my home. 

A brief look at the cancer rates here and you'll notice a trend. Something is happening to our bodies, they are being attacked by the overuse of thousands of different chemicals in everything from our shampoo to our baby food. Let us not mention the pollution that goes on everyday in different factories, plants and so on. We breathe this stuff and so do our children! If it is not cancer it's something else that we are faced with all to often. I can't imagine not believing that this directly effects us as humans.

Don't assume that others are looking out for your family because all to often that is what is happening in our world.



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