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Cloth Diapering

Hazards of Disposable diapers:                            

Cloth Diaper Facts                                              

Green Living Center

Hot Under the Diaper?

"disposable diapers should be considered as one of the factors that might cause or exacerbate asthmatic conditions" Arch Environ Health 1999

Our Experience:

Using cloth diapers, i mean you can only say so much. Right? Well, if you've read the above sites than you well understand why we choose this method of diapering. I won't have my child next to something that is not natural 24 hours a day. 

Honestly, when we first decided to use cloth diapers I was a little scared of all the extra work I was going to make for myself. My first week of using them put my fears to rest. Once you have a routine down there is nothing to it, I wash mine twice a week in natural detergent. I leave a pail by the potty for diapers I need to rinse out. I think it is as easy, or easier, than lugging two children into a store once a week to purchase diapers. I won't even get into ALL the extra money you will be saving, your next baby will have free diapers! 

What we use:

I use Mother Ease unbleached diapers with their covers, the softness is incredible and they're very leak resistant. They snap on the sides and they are one size fits all. Honestly, I was a little worried about the one size fits all saying but surprisingly they really are! So, I won't be needing to buy anymore diapers either. I also use cloth wipes, I just put them next to the diapers in a wipe warmer with plain water. Easy! 

I also just purchased some bumpkins all in ones (not one size fits all though), I purchased these for extra convenience for outings. They work great for situations when your traveling.

I order all my diapers through Baby Lane, I love their service!

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