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Naturally Attached!

These are our children, let's take responsibility for them!


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Natural HealthCare

We practice natural/alternative ways of healing, rather than conventional methods. Why? Because the offer benefits without harmful effects. There are options out there, you are your families first healer.
First things first: Eat healthy, drink lots of water, plenty of rest (yes hard w/ young children) get fresh air daily, beautiful sunshine daily, cleanliness, think good thoughts, rid your body of stress in your life, be happy!
I've utilized mostly homeopathic remedies because I've had great results, but there are many different types of natural medicines out there and I've tried others also which produce results.
*Most symptoms that you  actually experience are our own bodies defenses to heal itself.

We also utilize chiropractic care. Having your spine aligned regularly promotes health.In the event our spines are not alighned properly this will cause nerve interference which promotes sickness and disease. This weakens our immune system. When our spine is misaligned, the flow of messages to our brain are distorted. This undermines one's health. Chiropractic care can be utilized for a wide array of aliments. Including but not limited to: the obvious back, etc problems, ear infections, learning disorders, fever, headaches, bed wetting, colds, coughs, etc. The importance of a properly functioning nerve system eliminates the need for chemical drugs, antibiotics, this promotes better health.

Overview Of Homeopathic Medicine:

The Idea that using similar substances in order to stimulate a cure. Rather than (like conventional medicine) suppressing symptoms.
Homeopathic remedies come in different potencies, 6th, 12th, or 30th, with the 30th being that you are very comfortable with your selected remedy. The number of tablets vary, with the most common being, adults 4 tabs every hour until relieved, children 2-4 tabs every hour until relieved.
Some Products to avoid while taking remedies:
Coffee, camphor products, mentholated products, electric blankets, don't eat or drink within the first fifteen minutes of taking, don't brush teeth.
Since the correct Homeopathic remedy vary greatly with each individuals unique symptoms, it is wise to seek professional homeopathic care, educate yourself and have some have some good books as references.

Common Problems:
Common Cold/Flu: Oscillococcinum, use within the first 48 hours of onset, most common remedy.
Onset of Cold after exposure to cold or wet weather, Aconitum.
(a little clove oil diluted w/olive oil on gums)Chamomilla being the most common.
Belladonna, consider this if child has noticeable symptoms such as redness around gums, body heat emanating.
Fever, Belladonna being the most common.
The herb formula Tempasure assists the body in balancing fever not suppressing.
Over anxiousness,
Chamomilla or the herb formula Chamomile calm.
Breastfeeding Challenges/ Women's ailments:
Mastitis,Belladonna, breast very red, inflamed, rapid onset of symptoms.
Bryonia, slower onset of symptoms, sharp pain, stitching.
Phytolacca, second stage of healing, breast is lumpy, tender, hard.
Hepar Sulphuris, sharp, splinter like pains, sour smelling discharge from breast.
*Plenty of rest, water, hot baths, continue feeding baby, massage breast, apply hot compresses of parsley, comfrey leaves, raw potato or marshmallow root. Poke root (tincture)
also stimulates lymph glands.
Breast pain,
Castor Egul,cracked nipples, clothing is irritating, touch is also.
Thrush, wash nipples between feeding, eat whole foods, apply natural yogurt to babies mouth.Continue feeding Baby.
Take a supplement of acidophilus.
Kali mur, white or grey coatings, itching.
Hydrastis, yellow coating, swollen tongue.
Increase Milk Supply:
Frequently nurse baby. Wear baby. Raspberry leaf tea, Mothers milk tea. More milk Tincture (drops under tongue). Blessed Thistle leaves (tincture) or make a tea  of borage leaves.


Disclaimer: This information is for informational purposes only, always seek expert care when needed, trust your instincts otherwise, this is your right! This information is not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or prescribe.