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Naturally Attached!

For the Involved, Alternative Parent!


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We have chosen to purchase natural or wooden toys for our children for a number of different reasons.

We were informed about the toxic chemicals that are in plastic toys (six of the worse toxic chemicals are used in the plastic industry) These chemicals have been known to leak out of the plastic toys and into the mouths of babies. Infants are especially at risk because they put everything into their mouths, this is also their most vulnerable time of development. These chemicals have been linked to but not limited to, liver and kidney damage. The whole process involved in with PVC is a incredibly polluting process. Production and combustion of PVC releases toxic chemicals into our environment, thus making this world even more toxic for us and our children. 

Another very important reason for non plastic, commercial toys are that these toys hamper their abilities to truly play. Play is very important work for children. If they have toys that do everything for them or toys that leave nothing to the imagination, are they really playing? Natural, wooden, simple toys are best because of the room they leave open for the children to use their minds, experiment, dream, imagine and truly play. Their imaginations are being awakened. They get back to the basics of life and live it! 

Why take the chance when their are alternatives? Our toy box consists of a wooden tree house, train sets, rattles, hemp dolls, handmade toys, blocks, musical items, dress up clothes, and wooden vehicles. Our toys are simple, we do not have an overabundance of them because I believe that actually over stimulates a child. The less they have the more my children are thinking of different ways to create new things, working, working!

* We like to plant a tree for every few purchases we make, our way of giving back what we take.

Check out Greepeace for more information on the hazards of plastics.

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