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Naturally Attached!

These are our children, let's take responsibility for them!


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Healthy Eating/Compassionate Eating:

"The way we breed animals for food is a threat to the planet. It pollutes our environment while consuming huge amounts of water, grain, petroleum, pesticides and Drugs. The results are disastrous" David Brubaker, PH D 


Vegetarian Baby
Veggies Unite
Veg Family

Why Organic Foods?:

For your Health and the environment. Organic foods are free of hazardous pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers and various other chemicals. Conventional meats and diary products contain antibiotics, hormone and growth stimulants. 

See What You or Your Family are actually consuming every day: FOODSNEWS.ORG


Vegetarian living is not only a healthy way of eating, it is developing compassion for millions of animals that do not need to be consumed every day. Animals are living in terrible conditions waiting for the inevitable to happen. Why? All for human consumption, humans that are capable of surviving on a vegetarian diet.

According to the American Dietetic Association, veggie diets are associated with a reduced risk of obesity, coronary artery disease, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, lung disease and kidney disease.

Common Myths:

Vegetarians do not get enough protein: vegetarians do get enough protein through other sources of nourishment, we do not get the excessive amounts of protein found in most American diets.

Vegetarians do not get enough calcium: The myth of milk and protein is just that, a myth. Most humans cannot absorb the excessive calcium dairy has to offer. Calcium also comes from leafy greens and other veggies.

Vegetarians do not get enough iron: Actually plant sources are better forms of iron than meat.

Eating Fish is a healthy alternative: In our modern world fish are living in contaminated waters.

Children cannot be vegetarians: Vegetarian children are healthy children. A well rounded diet that is plant based offers all they need for proper growth. The American diet has devastating effects in regards to our children. Read More: Article

Humans were made to consume meat: Actually although we can digest meat (eventually), we do not do so quickly. Our digestive tract is much longer compared to our carnivore counterparts which were made to digest meats quickly.

Entrees: :

Veggie Burgers/Dogs  Spaghetti w/ Veggie Crumbles Tofu Fried or breaded, seasoned over noodles Homemade Mac and cheese Spinach Pie (frozen spinach, feta cheese and an egg between Filo Dough) Bake
Tempeh Salad (Fry Tempeh, add soy sauce, celery, mayo, chives) Homemade Pizza with veggie cheese, sauce and veggies Veggie Chili, made with alternative meat source. Tofu Fried, add soy sauce. Mix in roasted red peppers, olives. Serve over rice Veggie Stew. All types of veggies (in season) mix with veggie broth and a little flour and spices.
Lasagna (spinach, sauce, noodles and garlic) Quesadillas: Veggie cheese, beans, onions, mushrooms (whatever else) in between two wheat flour tortillas. Bake      

Snacks and Treats

Fruit Salad Tofutti Ice Cream Carob nut clusters/raisins Dates rolled in pecans or coconut. Yogurt
Fruit Salad w/ Carob Sauce Baby carrots with ranch, avocado sauce, nut butters Nut butter and jelly sprinkled with wheat germ. Applesauce, puree apples in processor  Shakes, fruits, alternative milks, ice and some....
Granola Banana Muffins Popsicles (make own with no sugar) Whole wheat pretzels Raisins