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Naturally Attached!

These are our children, lets take responsibility for them!


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Educate yourself, believe in yourself, you have the ability to accomplish incredible things! Homebirth  

Why Homebirth?

Contrary to popular belief hospitals are not the safest place for babies to be born. The mortality rate of babies born at home is half that of hospital born babies.

95% of births can be done outside the hospital, intervention does cause problems. Society is bombarded with scare tactics making these mom's believe that hospitals are safe. Actually these hospitals and their interventions may cause the problems in the first place.

Baby will not be born before he is ready, baby knows when it is time to come into this world.

Birth is safe and shouldn't be treated as a medical procedure.

Hospitals carry many germs that your home does not.

Hospitals and technology have been known to slow a laboring women down, which in turn may cause medication to be administered to quicken the process.

You will push when you feel the urge, not when told.

The placenta will not be pushed out of you, when you feel the sensation you will do so on your own.

You will be able to experiment through labor with different positions in order to make yourself more comfortable. most women find that lying on your back is the worst, as in most hospitals)

You will also be able to birth your baby in any position you feel is comfortable.

You are in control.

Your baby will not be separated from you at any time, you will have the chance to bond without interference.

Your baby will be born in an environment filled with love, sensitivity. There will be no scrubbing, poking, probing, suctioning, drops in the eyes or any other types of violations.

Baby will feel secure.

This is our birth, the event will have profound effects upon us, we will be able to enjoy this in peace!


Gentle Beginnings:
I was due the first week of July. My Mother and sister were coming to join us for the birth and help out with my three year old during the birth (they live 1800 miles away). My mom and sister arrived just before my due date and were to stay about 2 weeks. I was hoping I would go into labor while they were here because I knew that I could use there help, but I also didn't pressure myself because I knew that whenever this baby was coming this would be the right time and everything would be fine.
I went to bed fairly early on July 1st and awoke with light pains around 1 am. I got up out of bed and went to take a shower and be with myself for awhile. I wanted to have a few hours to be with my baby myself, meditate, just feel this moment. I had gone on to take a few more showers and in between I would lay back down on the bed and relax. I would speak to my baby and let him/her know that this process was normal and soon we would be together loving each other. Around 6 or 7am I wanted someone to be with me, my mother was up and I went on to wake my husband up. We had rented a birthing tub (pool) and they started to get it ready for me, it would take a few hours to fill because it was so large. I wasn't sure if I wanted to birth in the pool, but I was sure that I wanted to be in the water  while I had my pains because I thought it would help relax me. In the meantime the midwife was called and I told her I didn't feel I needed her now but sometime after lunch would be fine. I was walking around the house moaning through my pains, leaning over things seemed to help, being on my back was terrible. My daughter was an angel through all of this, she played outside most of the day with my sister and periodically checked on me through the day. We had watched videos, read books and talked about what was going to happen on this day, she was very prepared. Maybe a little to prepared because when things started progress throughout the day she knew exactly what would happen next, her lightheartedness about this experience was amazing, this just reiterates to me that birth is as safe as life gets!
It was around noon or so when the midwife had gotten to our home.  Things really started to get a lot harder then, I went into the water a few times and it did relax me. My husband was right beside me the whole time, he was such a tremendous help. I was feeling pretty tired around 2 or 3pm and I was feeling like I was going through the transition stage. My husband reminded me of how much I wanted this experience and how I had envisioned this day. I needed this. I had gotten back in the water around 4pm and about a half hour later my water broke, that felt great, all the pressure was gone. My pains were very intense now. I had felt almost immediately the need to push, so I did. Just as I was starting to push the birthing pool collapsed with me in it, the water went everywhere, all over our bedroom and all over the birthing equipment. I wasn't very happy because I was feeling relaxed in the tub. Although I reminded myself that everything happens for a reason, and I needed to stay focused. My husband helped me out into the living room and I had gotten into the hands and knees position, I was pushing when I felt the need but wasn't feeling like I was doing much good in that position. Feeling very tired I had wanted to stay in that position but about an hour went by and I knew something had to change. I had gotten up and was making my way to the bathroom when I felt an incredible urge to knell down and push, I had pushed what my husband thought was the head almost through. I was excited. I pushed and out came the head, or so we thought! The midwife felt me then and discovered that his butt was coming out first, breech. This was a surprise,  the midwife gently informed me of this. This did not affect me, my intuition led me to believe it wasn't an issue. He came out crying and beautiful, I walked with him still attached to me to the floor so we could lie down. Everything went beautifully and perfect, just as I knew it would. I am also proud and thankful that he was not taken from me at all, at any time. We lied down still naked and we remained this way for almost three days. He was not scrubbed clean while he lay screaming, he was not violated in any way. Such a peaceful end to an empowering journey.
I delivered the placenta about an hour later. The midwives checked me for any tears, I did have a few tears on the outside which would heal fairly quick. I took a warm bath with my new baby with some comfrey  added to speed the healing process.
We then settled down into our family bed for the night, it was a wonderful feeling.
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**We do not circumcise our son, we leave him intact and perfect, the way he came into this world. Circumcision is so very routine in most hospitals, please inform yourself so another innocent baby is not strapped to a table while he lies screaming for comfort and screaming of tremendous pain. His trust in you starts here. Circumcision is NOT medically necessary!!
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