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Birth Choices
"Why would I give birth naturally, why should I take the pain when I could just succumb to drugs?"
I've heard this so many times and each time I just cringe inside. Sometimes it is said in a funny matter, yet I don't find it very funny. It is sometimes implied that women who birth their babies naturally are the one's that are missing something.
I've been on both sides of the fence somewhat. Experiencing a traumatic birth and also a spiritual birth. The transformation that occurs during this process during a natural birth is life altering. The empowering feelings are incredible, yes , so incredible that I would work throughout he labor pains once again if need be.
I believe firmly that the majority of the women who want to have some sort of pain medication are actually fearing that they themselves cannot physically or emotionally deal with the pain. If pain medication is available they will opt for this,
why would pain medication be available if labor pains could be tolerated they may question themselves. It will not effect the baby they may say. The reasons and answers to these questions can be easily found through research. I can't imagine if every woman researched their birth options, midwife assisted and unassisted birth would reign!
All women who are able to become pregnant have the ability to birth their babies in a natural way. Women need to be supported in this, educated in this. Most are "missing out" on the most incredible experience of their lives. The powerful feelings that overtake your body while you are pushing your baby out are amazing, feeling the baby move through you is empowering. The bonding experiences cannot be duplicated. Being alert, coherent enough to realize everything that is going on will stay with you forever. Medication hampers your ability to experience these things and the babies. Some women don't even realize that the experience could have been much different, so natural. All women deserve the chance to birth their babies by themselves. This is our birthright! One of the very few things in this world that is still amazingly natural and obtainable for women.  Take back the power!

Lets pretend for a moment that we as women do not care to work through the pain of childbirth or challenges of labor. What about doing this for our unborn baby? Is it not our place as mothers to assure them entry into a safe nurturing environment? Imagine the feelings they are experiencing while we are in labor. Their world as they have known it has become disturbed greatly. Babies are humans, they are capable of experiencing things we will experience, yet they simply cannot communicate this. They deserve to be brought into this world in a none violent manner, all the while being reassured by the only people that the unborn baby trusts. 

I believe deeply that the first experiences babies may have greatly shape them into the individuals they grow into. It is our responsibility (to the best of our ability) and our babies birthright to assure that their first experiences are not traumatic ones.