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Naturally Attached!

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Attachment Parenting

"Once you bring life into this world, you must protect it. We must protect it by changing the world" Elie Wiesel

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What is it?

Well I can start with what it is to my family, each family has different variations to what AP is to them. The point of AP is to listen to yourself, your children are unique and if you listen to your intuition this will be your guide. I believe wholeheartedly in this style of parenting, I have reaped the many benefits it offers. I am constantly amazed that we as parents simply have this all within ourselves if only we will listen to ourselves. Who else could better know our own unique children than ourselves? Ap is simply using your instincts, parenting the way it was meant to be. Ap is about getting back to the basics, listening to yourself.

Attachment parenting is about connecting with your baby, welcoming your baby into this world and helping them thrive to their fullest potential. Connecting with baby begins early, preferably inside the womb. Expressing your love to baby, letting baby know that he/she is wanted and needed. Feeding the baby both emotionally and nutritionally. Taking care of you, being well and supported. Being an active participate in your babies birth, educating yourself on the subject, feeling prepared for the birth are all ways that will enhance your relationship. Being positive. Our bodies and minds are extraordinary, believing in ourselves is sometimes the simplest ways of changing or making things happen in our lives that will please us. A safe, natural birth experience allows for bonding almost immediately. A medicated birth has definite draw backs in regards to bonding with baby. This is a crucial time for mom and baby, the sooner attachment begins between the both the better the experience is for them. This includes minimal separation if any in the first years of life.

The more attached I am to my baby, the more I truly know my baby. Responding to their cues becomes simple because you are attached. Responding is definitely part of AP, babies should not be expected to comfort themselves. They are  babies, they trust and  depend on their parents to take care of them, both emotionally and physically. Babies should not be classified as "bad" for possessing such bad behavior as crying and such. This is simply their only way of expressing themselves, communicating with you, be it frustrating at times. 

We are teaching them that they are important enough to be heard, how valuable is that? The more a baby is comforted, expressed or not, the less he cries. His needs are being met before they are expressed at times and he will realize this.

Breastfeeding is another aspect of AP. Why is this so important? This is one of the simplest ways to stay and be attached to your child. Your providing nourishment both nutritionally and emotionally. Baby wants to be held by mom, breastfeeding provides skin to skin contact which is absolutely essential for baby. In this hectic world this is provides us a chance to reconnect with our baby several times a day, it slows us down.

Speaking of this hectic world, comforting our babies can be a full time job, making them feel secure. Wearing our babies can offer the best of both worlds. While we are busy with life, baby is secure and feeling important.

Sleeping with our babies also keeps the connection going through the night. Why should night time mean that I will not be available to him?

Gentle discipline and redirection are also part of AP aspects. Listening with our hearts, modeling with our own behavior and guidance offer great alternatives to discipline dilemmas. These techniques allow you to stay attached to your child, yet seek the peace you so well deserve in the home.

Nurture your babies, make them feel secure, and treat them how YOU wish to be treated. A child who feels right acts right.

Imagine what they will grow into, Independent, well adjusted children, growing into adults!