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Naturally Attached!

For the Involved, Alternative Parent!


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 Waldorf Books Recommendations:



You are your child's first teacher: Rahima Baldwin Dancy

All about waldorf parenting/education from birth to the age of seven. What parents can do with and for their children to enhance their development without having negative effects at a later age. A deeper look at Waldorf Education/Parenting. Wonderful book.

Beyond the Rainbow Bridge: Barbara Patterson and Pamela Bradley

A simpler book about the basics of nurturing children and waldorf education. A great first read. Also some simple handwork ideas. Information on developing the twelve senses and also parent questions. Written by a long time waldorf teacher.

Waldorf Education, A Family Guide: Pamela Johnson Fenner & Karen Rivers

Brief introduction to all aspects of waldorf education. Simple, easy to follow. Another great first read. Even some simple craft ideas/plans.



Will Developed Intelligence: David Mitchell & Patricia Livingston 

Why Handwork?? This book tells how working with the hands opens up neurological passageways and establishes the foundation for thinking.


Working with the beautiful soothing effects of felt is wonderful. Plenty of Ideas and plans in this book.

Toy making with children:

Plenty of ideas from the small to large scale. Wonderful just for the very expensive play stand plans! I love this book, real waldorfy toys and ideas


Festivals and Seasons

The Children's Year:

What a lovely book about celebrating the seasons with children. Lots of information and ideas for you nature table and more....

The Nature Corner: 

Children are so very excited to develop things for their very own nature table. It is a wonderful way to make them aware of the changing seasons around them. This book has many ideas and plans to do just that.

Family, Festivals and Food:

Haven't read yet!


Family Life, Rhythm and Miscellaneous

Seven Times the Sun: Shea Darian 

Focuses on rhythm throughout our day in the family life. This is a one of a kind book. Very helpful.

Children's Books

Author: Andrew Lang

Author: Grimm

Author: Elsa Beskow

The Story of the Root-Children
Author: Sibylle Von Olfers