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Naturally Attached!

These are our children, lets take responsibility for them!


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Attachment parenting and Marriage? Let us not deny that attachment parenting is very time consuming and selfless. Thankfully my husband and agree wholeheartedly about how we raise our children. I cannot imagine the conflicts that would arise if we did not. 

Yet, one can get caught up in Mommy land and forget she is anything else! I've experienced this. I've actually forgotten that once I to was a women, yes a women (really)! This takes practice, trying to make time for your marriage and diving full force into raising our children. 

Marriage needs tending to, always. Most importantly, we as women need to remember we are much more than what we are most of the time, a mommy. This our most important job, of course. Yet, we cannot forget that we have this wonderful family because most of us actually adore our husbands! Dedicating our lives to our children is right, taking time for our selves and our marriage is equally important. This also teaches our children that marriage is sacred.

Making our marriages last: