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"The most effective long term health protection a child can obtain" Dr. Robert Mendelsohn"



    Technology Over Nature???

Breastfeeding is one of the best experiences of my life, I am passionately dedicated to the subject! I believe breastfeeding is one of the worlds greatest gifts given to a mother and child.

In this modern world, mothers are sometimes taken down the wrong path when faced with the question on how to nourish their babies. Formula is slammed at these mothers faces every chance they get. All for profit! Even the Government spends millions of dollars on formula through the WIC program. This is plain silly when most women could be breastfeeding instead. From the start of their pregnancies from Ob's, society, commercials. Formula manufacturers make it seem as though formula actually mimics our milk, NOT SO! Formula should not even be a second choice for women who cannot physically breastfeed. (which is a small percentage). Breastfeeding is and always will be superior to any man made concoction. If more mothers were given equal amounts of information about the two from people that they trust I believe most would chose to breastfeed. They may survive on formula but breastfeeding's potential is limitless! Breastfeeding is much more than nourishment, it provides skin to skin contact with mommy, crucial for babies emotional needs.


I understand deeply that breastfeeding may sometimes not be as simple as giving birth and putting baby to breast. I had many boundaries to overcome in the first weeks of my son's life. My son sucks his bottom lip in slightly (slight overbite), he had problems latching on. Getting him to latch on properly was almost impossible, he was not flaring his lips when feeding. Every time we sat down to feed it was like staring over. I experienced bleeding, cracked nipples, and a very good amount of pain. Did I feel a bit discouraged, YES!! I would cry many times over the pain because I knew that if I could just get over this initial hump things would be much better. I may have given up if I hadn't researched breastfeeding so much. I also had these incredible primal instincts telling me this was the right thing to do. Something was definitely testing my convictions, my convictions were very strong though. I was absolutely adamant about succeeding and I believe that because I was adamant about this, because I didn't give myself any other choices, I did succeed and it made the end result that much more sweet! 

Suffice it to say, weeks had past and each day we were closer to experiencing a awesome breastfeeding relationship. After 5-6 weeks my pain diminished and my son was positioning himself wonderfully. Our experience has made me even more appreciative of our breastfeeding relationship. I am so glad that I persevered because the experience is wonderful, I can't even attempt to put it into words.

I believe support is absolutely fundamental. This can make or break a breastfeeding relationship. Research breastfeeding, stand by your convictions, make an effort greatly, surround yourself with breastfeeding moms, support groups and the like. If you do experience problems get help because you'll be thanking yourself for this later. Rest assure also that most women will not have pain while feeding and most will reap the wonderful benefits as soon as they start!



Breastfeeding Myths!

I don't have enough milk: Most women produce more than enough milk, baby may not be getting all mommies milk. With the right info and direction this can be easily corrected.

Breastfed babies need extra water: Mommies milk contains all the water baby needs, even in hot weather.

Pumping shows how much milk you have: Pumping shows how much you can pump, baby is the most efficient pump ever.

Women with flat or inverted nipples cannot breastfeed: through you may require special latch on techniques, breastfeeding is obtainable.

Breastfeeding needs to stop when mom is sick: with very few exceptions, mom should continue to breastfeed, this is the best protection for baby in the event that baby contracts the infection.

Women who become pregnant cannot continue to breastfeed: Although your supply may diminish this isn't a problem if baby is taking other foods. Some women go on to tandem nurse (both baby and child).

Babies need to learn to take a bottle: Unless mom wants to introduce a bottle, there are no reasons for this.




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Why Breastfeed?

1.5 million babies die each year because they are not breastfed.

Your milk destroys germs, crucial in the first weeks of life.

Your milk is specially formulated for your baby, providing the best possible nutrients which are NOT found in formula.

Breast milk

Your milk is alive with cells living cells and antibodies, formula is dead.

Your milk is easy for tiny tummies to digest, as nature intended.

Women who breastfeed have lower instances of developing breast cancer, the longer you breastfeed you lower your risks further.

Breastfed babies have fewer infections, diarrhea, and allergic reactions.

Breastfed babies have higher I.Q's.

Your helping the environment by wasting less.

Lack of breastfeeding has been linked to developing some diseases later in life, including crohn's disease, cancer, Hodgkin's disease.

Read more about the many benefits of breastfeeding, both for mom and baby! (below)

101 Reasons to Breastfeed!!